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MHS CTL: 4th Place Finish Shows Growth

The Marshall High School Clay Target League Team (MHS CTL) finished fourth overall in the 2017 Class 9A State Championship on Tue. June 20, 2017 at the Alexandria Shooting Park in Alexandria, Minn., and showcased some of the best shooting in the team’s history by multiple participants.

“Our varsity shooters have definitely arrived on the league’s biggest scene,” said head coach Nick Simonson, “and with only three of our top ten participants graduating, there is tremendous upside – the rest of the state is on notice,” he concluded.

Things started fast for MHS CTL in Varsity level competition, as Freshman All-Stater Tannyr Curry posted a perfect 50 in his first two rounds.  Fellow All-Stater Karter DeSmet and Derrick VanOverbeke, another Freshman, and Sophomore Nick Atcher added 48s, while Sophomore Isaac Callens and Freshmen Jarret Beebout and Dawson Reese tallied totals of 47 to round out the top shooters in the morning half of competition.

In the afternoon shoot, Atcher went on a tear, bringing home the team’s second perfect 50 of the day, and a reverse run of 67 targets straight, for a total of 98 as Curry logged a pair of 24s for a total of 98 on the day as well.  VanOverbeke bookended his shoot with a 25 for a total of 97, and DeSmet logged rounds of 23 and 24 for a total of 95.   In all of this, Freshman Dawson Reese quietly put up his best rounds of the season, including a perfect 25 in his final round for a total of 93 to make MHS CTL’s top five.  Top Varsity Shooters for MHS CTL were:

First       Last                        R1           R2           R3           R4           Tot(RR)
Nick       Atcher                  24           24           25           25           98(67)
Tannyr  Curry                     25           25           24           24           98(22)
Derrick  VanOverbeke    25           23           24           25           97
Karter   DeSmet                                24           24           23           24           95
Dawson Reese                  23           24           21           25           93(25)

MHS Teammates Alex Verkinderen, Carson Douglas, Samuel Dieken and Nick Klein share a laugh while Dieken checks the updating standings at the State Championship.

Atcher and Curry would finish the event tied for fifth overall out of 985 participants, and VanOverbeke tied for tenth.  DeSmet would end up tied for 26th and Reese and VanMoer would finish tied for 45th.

Overall, with a total of 481, MHS CTL finished fourth in the state’s largest class, based on high gun tiebreaker, just two targets out of first place and one target out of second place. The top two teams at the event were invited to the team competition at the State Tournament in Minneapolis on June 24.  Final overall standings for the Class 9A Championship were:

School                                                  Place                     Team Total(High Gun)
Northfield High School                   1st                           483
Park High School                               2nd                          482
Lakeville South High School         3rd                           481(99)
Marshall High School                      4th                           481(98)
Prior Lake High School                    5th                           477

“As the saying goes, ‘every clay counts,’” said Simonson, “and though we came out on the tough side of that adage this time, our shooters should be very proud of themselves, as four years of focus, dedication and development are paying off,” he concluded.

MHS CTL finished eighth overall in the Junior Varsity division of the Class 9A Championship and was led by seventh grader Ben Geihl, who posted an 88 to lead that squad.  Top JV shooters for MHS CTL included:

First       Last                        R1           R2           R3           R4           Tot
Ben        Geihl                     22           23           21           22           88
Calvin    Bader                    23           20           20           24           87
Colben  Christensen        21           21           23           20           85
Tylar      Holmgren            18           24           21           21           84
Nolan    Meyer                  18           22           22           19           81

“Ben will be one to watch,” said Simonson, “he’s got the fundamentals down, a ton of drive and he consistently works and competes with older shooters who have mentored him well,” he concluded.

In Novice division shooting, MHS finished 10th overall at the event and was led by Devyn Martzloff on a total of 77 to lead the squad.  Top shooters for MHS in the Novice division were:

First       Last                        R1           R2           R3           R4           Tot
Devyn   Martzloff             20           19           19           19           77
Jason     Arzdorf                 17           19           15           23           74
August  Stemwedel         15           21           15           22           73
Isaac      Timmerman       21           19           15           18           73
Simon   Zahrbock             12           12           19           17           60

Senior MacKenzie Schultz reacts while coming in from her morning rounds at the State Championship.

MHS CTL will be represented by VanMoer, DeSmet and Curry in individual competition at the Minnesota State High School League Trap Tournament in Minneapolis on June 24, after qualifying for the event by finishing in the top 100 shooters (out of 11,400) by league average this year.

MHS CTL is coached by a staff of 13 volunteers and supported by a number of parents who help instruct, score and supervise 80 youth.  The program is funded by generous donations from a number of local conservation and sportsmen’s groups and area businesses including: Lyon County Pheasants Forever, Redwood River Sportsmen’s Club, National Wild Turkey Federation, Minnesota Trappers Association, Quality Deer Management Association, Marshall Radio, Lockwood Motors, ABRA Auto Body & Glass, Friends of the NRA, Gustafson C&C Course, Don & Gena Atcher.

Sign up and informational meetings for the 2018 team will be held at the MHS Media Center in January of next year.  For more information on the team and to keep up with MHS CTL, visit their official Facebook Page: facebook.com/mhsctl.

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